See the behind the scenes process it takes to make a 3D animated short film! This blog is to show the production development process for my senior film, A Cat’s Tale! With the help of 43 people from 6 countries the film was finally finished in 2018! It received 9 film festival awards and was published online in 2020. Scroll down to see more. Thanks for visiting!


A Cat’s Tale is released!

I’ve forgotten abou this blog! My short film, A Cat’s Tale, is finally finished!!! Whoo!! I first completed it in 2017 for my class requirement at SCAD and then I rerendered the whole thing with better color and lighting in 2018. After going through festival circuits for a year I released the film to YouTube in 2020. You can find it on YouTube and Newgrounds!

See the full film down below!

I created these posters myself just for fun!

Score Critiques

Some of the notes I made for my composer Cameron Munoz on the score of my film. So much of film-making is just talking and communicating your idea to others which is sooo much harder than it sounds! You also have to come to compromises with original vision which was hard to learn, but when let go, Cameron did even better than I could have imagined! You can listen to more of his work below:

Rigging Critiques

Rigging took place literally alongside animation. As soon as I got the rig, I’d send it out to my animators and they would immediately start using it. It was probably the most stressful part of the process mainly because I did not have a face rig at all until probably the 7th week of the quarter and my film was due the 10th week. It held up my animators and being that close to deadline with a film that is based on facial animation was extremely stressful! But I somehow made it! (I still can’t believe it!) Below are some of the rigging critiques I did for my amazing riggers: Sumit Banerjee who did the body rigs, Mickael Olivieri who did the Cat’s facial rig, and Armando Brown and Makaela Davis who worked together to save me on the Dog’s face rig! It was intense to say the least! All critiques (except for one) were done by me.


Animation Critiques

Hello again! This is just a VERY SMALL glimpse of the work that went into animation!  I had 13 animators who animated on my film and the hardest part about it was keeping track of them. I had to respond to emails, set deadlines, do animation critiques, and still find time to animate my own shots. However the second half of it I managed to get a lot of help from my amazing friend and producer on the film Ginger Tontaveetong though! She helped me out with emails and find new recruits if needed. I definitely learned a TON about collaboration and how to manage others as well as managing my own time. I did all the animation critiques myself which you can see just a few of them below.